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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

What is it worth?

Public land refers to the public domain, unappropriated land belonging to the federal government that is subject to sale or other disposal under general laws and is not reserved for any particular governmental or public purpose.

Fair enough, That is indeed the definition of Public Land.

Now describe to me your definition of Public Land. I'm quite sure it doesn't resemble this one in the slightest. The fact is that as far back as I remember, I as a sportsmen have used, treasured and been thankful for the use of these lands. Not all of us were raised with the gift of private hunting grounds or private access to our rivers and streams. So ask yourself, without the use of these lands would you still be a sportsman? Without the use of these lands would your children have access to these resources?

Now ask yourself another question...Are you willing to take a stand and fight for the continued use of said lands?


I could go on and on regarding how much this angers me that the state take over of these lands will undoubtedly  result in sales to organizations and corporations who will not steward them as we have and use them until the resource and the money dries up and then sell them off to the next group. I can further rant about the fact that our children and our children's children will not know the joy and the feel of a brisk morning in the woods or on the water. Will not see nor feel the therapeutic effects that time in the outdoors brings us.

Please take the time and research, study and educate yourself on the importance that these lands play in our lives and the lives of future generations. 

Sign The Petition.www.sportsmensaccess.org

So I ask you.. What is it worth to you?


Friday, August 12, 2016

The Marsh Mouse

Marsh Mouse by Jeff Marsh

Hey, this is Jeff from High on the fly. Oscoda MI is where I call home and I fish the waters all over this state. The Marsh Mouse was created while fishing with mice that didn’t seem to push the amount of water I wanted. So I created this mouse and it’s been a killer.
I’ve been fly fishing most of my life and love to create new patterns that I normally just save for myself. But this one I will share.
The Marsh Mouse is a simple articulated tie and concept. I use a partridge 2/0 on the front and a partridge 1/0 for the rear. I use 2mm foam and cut it in strips the width of the hook gap and then taper one end to tie in to the hook and cut the rest into a “comb” if you will. I Palmer the foam towards the rear of the hook and back wrap through the foam body to strengthen the connection to the hook shank and to help the foam spikes stand up. I then attach zonker strip and Palmer it through the foam to create the hair body. The only difference between front and rear is the zonker strip tail on the rear.
Color and size can obviously vary to your taste. This fly swims like a dream and holds great body contour while wet. Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


To take the road less traveled does indeed make the world of difference. On a recent trout chasing trip with a good friend, we spent the day back roading to spots that were a bit out of the way and remote. To spots that aren't a secret to anyone who fly fishes but were not places that we frequent.

We stopped at fly shops we stopped to eat we headed to do business, we headed for fun. But never once was the expectation to land the biggest fish, never to land the most fish but simply, in the way we grew to love the sport, to fish and enjoy the day.

When was the last time you were able to drop all the things you "need" to do and to just be in the moment and be un tethered? to drive down a trail that you're not exactly sure where it leads and have no expectation of success or even catching a fish?

Well I can tell you it was a great way to spend a day and as it turned out a late night.
Mousing became the next order of business. To be honest, I've never been a fan. Not because it doesn't work or its not fun, it is. I've just never had great success, but after 3 swipes at my mouse in the moonlight....OK I'm in...LOL.

There is nothing profound in this post, no life changing moments not even a great fish story.. Did we land fish?  sure.. But at the end of the day, we took more away from this trip than a Trout.. We got back to our roots and we found something that I know I have been missing.. Simplicity...


Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Jerry Springer to host fly fishing forum.

If you're like me and you have subscribed to any number of the fishing forums that fill the void on Facebook then maybe the title of this post will make sense. I am shocked daily by the "armchair guides" out there who know everything about every subject and in the face of defeat on topics that are clearly over their heads.. revert to nothing more than playground tactics.."@#%$ YOU" and "Kiss my $@#" and the cleanest yet my favorite, "Ill kick your Ass"! Really? You wanna fight me? Now? or after we book a flight and go through TSA and meet each other at the airport? But by this time I'm gonna be hungry, so lets eat first but then... There is some "ASS KICKIN TAKIN PLACE!!"
Get over yourself...If we were face to face you probably wouldn't have said a thing about me not crimping the barb on my hook, but from 878 miles away, ITS ON!!

It's the wrong gear, the wrong river, the wrong line, the wrong may to mend and the list goes on. I have to tell you that I dont give a damn what your rod costs or who made it and I surely could care less about your politics. Are your methods legal? sure I'll chime in on that one all day, but to actually spend anymore than a moment debating "Jimmy Creekchub" on his methods of fishing or the value of his equipment, Ill take the high road.

I have a better idea, a subtle approach to these obviously stressful days...Chill Out!! You do you and I'll do me... Keep your tactics within the perimeters set by law and go have a ball.. Why are we all so competitive? I promise you, at your funeral nobody is gonna care if a barb was crimped, if you used fluorocarbon or mono, glass or graphite... We aren't promised tomorrow, friends. Just our last breath.

Let me end by saying, if you do end up at my funeral, smile, laugh talk about something funny I did or said.. But please whatever you do,don't tell my Mom you're a Baitchucker, "Cuz those assholes have no place on my river, and ill tell you another thi..................."


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Don't call it a comeback....

 Hello, from the snowy Hell of April in Michigan... We just got hit with 8" of snow and expecting maybe another 8" tomorrow... As a fisherman this is not what I want to hear, before the snow we had rain that swelled the rivers to their banks and beyond in some cases. Now we are in that transition period where we are dreaming of Spring, yet oddly missing the winter fishing on the hard water, Im about to go all Jack Nicholson in "The Shining" on people because we just want it all to be over.... But I digress.....

So if you keep up with me on https://www.facebook.com/HighOnTheFly you already know that I am taking on a new adventure in my fishing life and that is to chase the toothiest of all freshwater predators...the Pike and Musky that roam our Michigan lakes and rivers ... I am so incredibly excited to start this. With a Upper Peninsula trip already booked for the opener in May, I have began the process of tying new flies..BIGGER flies and oh how fun it it has been.

The freedom that I feel tying these large flies is amazing.. After tying things like a #14 Adams or a BWO... these things are like wrapping thread around the dog... My old eyes haven't  needed my vice magnifier. I have really embraced this new style of tying and have found Some amazing pike fly tiers from across the pond that have really opened my eyes to new materials and the less is more theory of materials. One in particular is here 700teeth.wordpress.com.. Ulf Hagstrom is the operator of this blog and the corresponding YouTube channel.. Great stuff, check it out.

Well thats all for now... Please check back and see my progress and please by all means show me some of your pattern and favorite flies...

Jeff <((><

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

70 degree pledge

Visit 70degreepledge.org for more info on what you can do. Taking this pledge and practicing C&R is a huge step forward in keeping Trout safe and allowing them to be caught another day.


Thursday, April 9, 2015

April, Baseball and Steelhead.

Two of my favorite things , baseball and steelhead, both fall in the same glorious month. With the snow gone the rivers start filling with Steelhead and that's where I kinda lose myself. I love steelhead fishing, wether it's with a fly or floating spawn in my home river, those metal heads shake me to the core. April also brings my other passion, Baseball and the Detroit Tigers! So to all you spring river rats and to all of you who love baseball in the "D" , have a great spring!!