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Monday, December 17, 2012

Share the love and win some stuff!!

 March is the High on the Fly one year anniversary. You all cant imagine how much I appreciate the support from all of you and the following that I have created. My Twitter account broke 431 followers today and my Facebook page is climbing fast at over 200!! Yayy....

What I want to do now is get the blog numbers up and to get all of you onboard for another year of stories, contests and hopefully some learning and fun.

So this is what I propose, I'm asking you all to share on Twitter, Facebook and wherever else you can think of and get this blog the numbers that you all have graciously given my other pages and in return I am gonna share the love that the sponsors have shown me and pass on some sweet deeks, flies, fly lines and whatever else i can dig up!!

So come on folks lets make this blogs heart fill with all the love you can muster and win some sweet stuff in return!

So in the immortal words of Tone Loc.....LETS DOO IT!!


More swag from Promont Outdoors.

Lil more...

Small example of some of the items on the block. Thanks Simms.


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Promont Outdoors.

Everyone please take a look at a company from Bozeman MT, Started in Jan of 2012 promontoutdoors.com is a family business that is celebrating there love of the outdoors with some pretty sick hats, shirts and deeks. Click the link on the right side of this page and show em' some love.

.Promont Outdoors, Be There.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Journey.

Okay, I think by now we all know that I love to fly fish, I love the feeling of tying all my own flies and good or bad they are mine, I love the feeling that being in the water gives and the absolute freedom I feel in the vastness of it all. I have come to the realization that for me the trip itself is another huge draw. As I was driving to the river this morning with MY music on and MY thoughts racing through MY mind, I literally said to myself...."This is the moment".

After a work week and not being able to get to the water, I dream of this moment...The drive..or Journey...The exact moment that Pearl Jam erases all my negative thoughts, And the glow from the dashboard warms me like a winters fire.. The passers by are on their ways to work and school but I am untethered and free to be me with me like only me.

How lucky are we to have this freedom from our "OTHER" lives. And the ones who don't, really don't know what they are missing. I get to the river and park and the frosty morning air and the sounds of the water rushing just invoke such emotion from me that I thank God every time I am allowed to view his show, to look head on through his eyes and revel in every breathtaking moment.

So today I thought I would share not the fish caught, (which there was a ton...) but The Journey that takes me to my therapist, my church, my mistress.... and my best friend.


Mio MI.

Monday, November 19, 2012

AuSable day trip.

I spent my Saturday on the Au Sable river in Mio MI and had a great time and caught some nice fish. I generally don't fish the Au Sable, not for any good reason but I have my spots that I frequent and know the holes and the runs and that keeps me content. The urging of a friend finally won over my stubbornness and off we went.
Started off strong and was hitting good fish on Isonychia nymphs, but the day changed as they usually do and I had to switch up my game plan. Round two winner was the classic Prince Nymph tied under a small midge. Between the awesome fishing and the meeting of new friends and having some good conversations with my old friend the day was hands down my best trip in awhile.
It is just another example of letting go of your comfort zone and watching the world open up before you.
Here are a few pictures from my trip, and don't laugh, the sun was in my eyes..


Loading up

First Bow of the day

My buddy Al and his first fish of the day

Another Bow who took a Prince

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Please take a look.

Over the last few months we have all seen the hilarious videos of "Hank Patterson", you know the blow hard fly fishing guide...But do we really know who Hank is? Well I didn't and I'm glad I checked into it.
Hank is actually Travis Swartz a film maker and fly fisherman who has a heart and a sense of humor. The "FishOn' project is an amazing collaboration of Travis and his crew and I implore you all to head over to Trout Jousters and take a look. Follow the link below..



A day away.

4:30 am, cold outside. As I rummage through my cold weather gear to find the appropriate layers to keep me on the water, I cant do anything but smile...Im going to stand in water when it is 27 degrees outside and I am so damn excited, I cant wait!! Truck is packed...truck is always packed..

5:30 am, wife is getting ready to walk out the door for school/work.

6:15 am, wake up the kids and get them off to school.

7:00 am, Alone... in the truck at the McDonalds drive thru for a coffee, out of the parking lot and on to I-75 heading North to the river.

7:53 am, As I step out of the truck to face the wind on my cheeks, the aroma of the finally ready to drink coffee (what the hell McD's...cool it down) fill the space between the open truck door and the great outdoors. I slip my legs into the waders, I put on my backpack and my SIMMS chestpack and get ready to unleash the beast from her tube of solitude. I construct it piece by piece until it becomes the perfect 9'6" fish tamer that im sure is gonna make this day all I have imagined it as.
guide by guide I thread the line through and always checking that all guides are in line because you know that ya just cant give those a little turn to correct em on the water.. I cut my tippet and tie on the most perfect length I can ever remember tying....and now its time....."THE GLO BUG"....I choose an orange on this morning and I know it will be perfect... A short walk down to the bridge...down the bank and I am home..

As I walk upstream to my first run I move two Salmon. As they rush by me, I notice there Zomble like flesh and know the Steel are home. My first cast is right OFF target and into the rocks...Nobody saw it so it never happened...... but the second more delicate cast is a perfect tight loop that drops the egg in the exact ripple I was looking at while in my back cast and the day really begins. Witha a little mend I feel the unmistakable tap,tap,tap..and I set.... No it isnt a Steel but it is a hefty Rainbow who give my first..(cough,cough..)cast a return with a deep bend in the rod and a reason to unhook the net from my pack..
The bend in the rod was the theme of this day, time after time and cast after cast they returned with a Trout on the end, it was perfect..Damn my left foot is cold!!

Up river I move with the stealth of a 250lb ninja...and the bends continue. But damn my left foot is cold...and then I feel it, the rush of cold water through my sock and across my toes and the sinking feeling that this day is coming to a close.....WHY!!!!

On the most perfect of days this has to happen..God hates me thats it.. or could it be when I patched these waders two months ago and my wife told me " you just buy new ones cuz winter is coming" I maybe should have listened??
Either way and despite the wrinkled cold ass foot, I was happy...my day has given me fish and memories and another reason to share with you all.. So after three hours and a ton of fish I return to my truck one sock short and the heater turned onto the floor, I head South and turn the radio on and reflect on my nearly perfect day....kinda thirsty though.....Oh I still have my coffee......SHIT.....thats hot!!!


Monday, November 5, 2012

Whats goin on!

Well after a busy month and the welcome addition of Bronchitis into my life, I am on the mend! So much to do before the tournament and handling the nervousness that it all goes well and everyone enjoys themselves has got me a bit on edge. It's funny how in the beginning of an idea the outlook is so promising but as it grows closer I'm thinking everything that could go wrong will! In the meantime I am simply praying for a good turnout and a good time for all involved.
My time on the water has been very limited as of late and that really is hard to deal with. Between work and home commitments time is scarce and to a stream addict anytime away is never good time. I am gonna try to get out the next day or so but we shall see!
On the tying front I have been engulfing myself into #20 BH midges for winter. I love the fact that they are so versatile that you can create them out of any imaginative and they are always winners. I have tied some pretty marginal looking Lil midges and slammed fish on them. Now I don't set out to be marginal but luck over skill wins with me any day! I ahve found that in the waters I fish, dark is key and the bead head is a must. I have though been able to not rip all of my hair out in the attempt to put a 1/16 oz bead head on a #20 hook, if anyone has a secret here please enlighten me. Brat sized fingers and Stevie Wonders eyes aren't meant for this....LMAO.
So that's it just a little glimpse into whats happening here at HOTF. I hope all of you are doing well and that you all take the time to hit the water every chance you get and to enjoy all that we are blessed with. To my East coast friends I pray that all is going better and things continue to become less of a struggle.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Contest Alert!!

Want to win a copy of Robert Thompson's "Musky Country"? If so just join the blog and/or like my Facebook page. Its that easy!
Most of my Facebook friends are not members of my blog and vice versa, so I have to remedy that. So join up ans Like away and lets see who gets the DVD. Winner will be picked on Friday Nov 2nd.

Good Luck!

Awesome flick!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A day to reflect.

Well I am back from my day trip and had a great day. The fishing was fair to bad but I did hook up 2 small browns and a juvenile Steelie. The day was just another memory bank deposit that I will use to keep me sane on those days when I am not able to get away from the daily grind.
It has been a great season for me regardless of the catch or the lack there of. I have really taken this season to enjoy the experience instead of the outcome or amount of fish landed and i believe that makes us better people as well as better fisherman. I ran into some old friends on the river and met some new ones. I love watching the excitement of other people as I hook up to a fish, It's as they are catching it too and that thrills me because I am the same way.
I hope we all have a great season and that we all can realize that regardless of the amount or the size of fish we catch that it is all an experience that not everyone always understands or will ever get a chance to try it, so I believe it is our job to spread the addiction and and spread the word of our passion so everyone can have a day to reflect.


MMMM cold Ravioli, What a lunch.. lol

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Another shot!

Well the forecast isn't looking great and the rivers are still in need of a little more flowage, but I am gonna take this day and go hunt for some Steelhead. Its been a long work week and this day is gonna hopefully put all of that behind me.

I am heading to the Rifle River in hopes of rolling some chrome on the end of my new 8 wt. We have had some precipitation in the last few days and the levels are slowly on the rise. The temps have been also a bit more mild and this should turn on the feeding.

It's been a Lil while since I have posted, it has been busy here at the HOTF HQ. I have taken on writing a column for a Competitive fly fishing magazine and with my tournament just around the corner, needless to say the hours have been filled. All of this and a "Real Job" takes most of my time, but as I have said before....I love it!.

So wish me luck as venture out in the rain and the elements and lets hope this is the day that the Steel are ready to fight.


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Re-Post from Flyfishchick.com

Check out the link to TU and Orvis on the right side of this page. Good way to spend a few dollars!!


Oh Yeah, We’re Realer Than The Easter Bunny. Word.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Tight Lined Tales of a Fly Fisherman: Blog of Note: High on the Fly

I would like to thank Morgan Kupfer at TLTFF for his kind words and recognition of my work. I truly was shocked to see this and very humbled by his words. Thank you Morgan and thank all of you for participating in my therapy sessions, I'll see you all on the stream......


Tight Lined Tales of a Fly Fisherman: Blog of Note: High on the Fly: Over the past few months I've been following a blog named High on the Fly . Obviously, being a blogger, you check out other blogs and si...

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Egg Nymphs.

With the hint of Steelhead in the air and the amount of rain we are getting today, the rivers should get some much needed water volumes and in turn a push of Steelhead. I have been using these what I call egg nymphs for awhile now and they are deadly on fall and spring run Steel.They cannot be simpler to tie and truly are deadly. I run them on a #10 or #12 nymph hook with a 5/32 oz beadhead and simply wrap my thread in pseudo seal dubbing and "WALA" you have an egg nymph. Cheap and easy to tie and they get down in the column and pick up fish. Fill your Fall box with them or better yet, let me fill your Fall box with them!!!


Egg Nymphs. Give em' a try.

Sponsor thank you.

I would like to thank franksgreatoutdoors.com for there generous donation to the High On The Fly first annual fly fishing tournament. I appreciate all the support. Take a look at there site and like them on Facebook. Tell them HOTF sent ya!!


What a response!!

Thank you all for the response I recieved in regards to my sticker giveaways. It has been astounding, and Ive sent out so many I lost count. I truly appreciate every view, comment, E-mail and like. I love what Im doing and with your support its only going to get bigger. Shirts are on my to do list and infact I have them almost ready to go, but lets not forget that the material I post is always more important than selling swag to me so read on and enjoy and I will see where this all takes me!!
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!!


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Winter ties.

With the recent cold weather snap, my mind has been drawn to winter nymphing. I look back on seasons past where nothing seemed to be a constant catcher but the more I have grown as a fisherman the more my mind allows me to take a closer look at what has worked. Small nymphs/midges are a winter staple as we all know, but the colors and pattern detail have become much more important to me than in years past. I used to be in the mindset that the fly is so small that the detail isnt as important...WRONG! The water I fish in the winter is usually more slack or slick water that the Trout have a longer and less obstructed view of the fly for a longer period of time. As I have figured this out I have noticed that there is a little more regularity in the flies that work most of the time and the ones that are hit and miss. Now I am not saying that there arent exceptions to this rule, I have caught fish on flies that a catfish wouldnt eat, but in the winter months when the Trout arent exactly seeking food like in the warmer months I've learned to pay attention to details. On a February afternoon two years ago, I set out on a mission to take my time and fish low and slow and be selective of my patterns and try nothing big or flashy rather small and detailed. That day changed my outlook on winter fishing. I landed three Browns over 16" and had numerous strikes that I messed up. I enjoy the vacancy of the rivers in winter and the beautiful scenery that comes along with it. There is nothing like being the only human tracks in the snow and fighting a fly hooked fish in that pristine landscape.


Nice winter Brown

Does it get any better?

Yesterday 10 am..... I leave work(bonus) , by 12:00pm I am fishing. One after another I hook fish and they seem to just get better. Then it stops, not a nudge nor a nibble....What happened? Blue Winged Olive hatch started coming off and all underwater feeding ceases! I switch over to a #22 BWO and it's on! First drift I hook a brown that goes easily 16" and as the fishing tales go as I was getting ready to take pics he got a lil camera shy and said "SEE YA'".... BWO hatch stops and its back to small midges in dark colors, fish on, fish on and so it went. I fished for about 6 hrs and it was a blast, the first real hint of fall is here and the north wind relaxes my soul, that Fall smell that all but mesmerizes the senses and instills a feeling of euphoria. I am out of work early, I'm fishing and God has given me this day as a gift like he has to all of you. As I sit here this morning with a cup of coffee and the sound of the wind outside of my office window, I revel in the fact that I am a fisherman and I enjoy the gifts that are given to me albeit not always noticed or acknowledged, I understand that they are always there for all of us and if we look and listen we can enjoy.


One that did stick around.

Brad Pitt.....LOL

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A little time on the water.

I finally took the time away from the vise and away from work and wait for it.......WENT FISHING!! What a beautiful day to be on the water, the fall colors on the leaves and the Trout are spectacular. I spent only a few hours but it was enough to recharge my batteries and allow me to take in another beautiful Michigan Fall day. I spent the afternoon fishing...not testing patterns or doing leg work for someone else, it was all for me and I selfishly embraced the entire time. Caught quite a few Trout and the Bows colors are are shades that only God could create with his glorious brush. I snapped a few pics and and strolled along because if there is one thing I know, when work and life get me down, all I need is a little time on the water.


A beautiful fall stretch of river.

One of those awesome fall Rainbows.

A nice Brown on a great afternoon.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Registration begins today.

Today is the open registration for the High On The Fly fly fishing tournament. Please take a look at your schedules and see if you would be able to sign up or tell your friends to check it out. I would love to see a great turn out for this and have a reason to throw more. Nov 17th is the day and Mio MI, is the place!!


Sunday, September 30, 2012

Is your fall flybox ready?

Well is it? Take a look and let me know what your missing or what you wanna start swinging. I have room for more orders right now and would enjoy the chance to put some HOTF flies in your box this fall. Contact me for pricing and any other questions you may have.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New logo complete.

Finaly got my Logo done and I'm lovin it. It's simple and basic but so am I! LOL. Hope you all enjoy.


High On The Fly tournament details.

Here is the official info in regards to the tournament, take a look and see if you can compete or atleast come up and hang out. This is our first tourney and if it goes well it will be a yearly and maybe twice a year thing.
AuSable River Mini
November 17th
Mio, MI

Registration Opening:
Monday October 1th @ 6pm

Registration Agreement:
Waiver and Registration Fee Day of competition.

Fips Rules Format &/or Exceptions:
1.5hr Sessions
Competitor controlled

Fish: Stocked Brown & Rainbow Trout
Map: Optional
Comp Water: Mio dam to the power lines
Practice Water: Above Mio dam and below power lines

Max # of Entrants: 14
Fees/Payouts: $20 Three Highest Fish totals
Lodging Options: Motels in Mi.

Any other Details: Deer seasons starts Nov. 15

Schedule of Events:
8:00am: Draw
9:00am-10:30am Session 1
11:00am-12:30pm Session 2
1:00pm-2:30pm Session 3
3:00pm-4:30pm Session 4

Maple River

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

High on the Fly to host tournament.

Well as I mentioned awhile back I was looking to get a Fly Fishing tournament off the ground and with the help of another fisherman we are on our way! The tourney will be held in Mio Michigan on the Au Sable River and has a proposed date of Nov 17th, (not set in stone yet). It is a fly only and a one day tournament and will be a blast! If you are interested contact me and as soon as I have the date set for sure I will release the rest of the details. Cash awards and some of yours truly flies are up for grabs and with the help of some other sponsors I would love to offer more to the fisherman. if you are interested in donating prizes or just being a part of it let me know and we can get you hooked up.


High On The Fly Tournament.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A day in the woods.

I spent the day with my son in the deer blind for the 2012 Michigan Youth Hunt. A beautiful day that diddnt yield any Deer but did make a ton of new memories. Its so funny to see how he has grown as a hunter through the years and how much he has learned. Great day and great memories that I will take with me forever.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Good morning rain!

Well when the alarm goes off at 3:30am to get the wife off to school/work and your expecting to hit the water bright and early, flashes of lightning aren't what you really want to see!! So now I contemplate should I go out in the lightning holding a 9 foot lightning rod over my head or do I stay in and get some tying done? Its sad isn't it that we actually have to decide between our physical well being or fishing? Well I'm not sure what I'm doing yet but I do have a Lil while to think about it and decide what my life is worth...............But damn I wanna be on the water.....A deal with God is what I need to strike. An assurance of my safety in return for what?..... I'm already nearly a saint! LMAO


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Early Steel or a pipe dream?

Well there hasn't been enough rain and the river isn't right for it, but damn it I have a day off and I'm gonna chase some early run steel tomorrow. I caught two juveniles the other day in the 13" to 16" range and I wasn't to surprised, but with the colder weather moving in it just feel like I need to go! Kings are being caught in relatively small numbers from the surf so I believe that's where I will spend my early morning and day is in and on the water fly rod in hand and a hot coffee waiting in the truck! I'll let you know how i did (or didn't) later on tomorrow!! Wish me luck gentleman, in my probably futile attempt to simply be on the water.


Friday, September 14, 2012

A familiar friend.

I took the opportunity to take the rod out to the place that got me hooked on trout. I spent many a day of my youth dredging through the river searching for the biggest and baddest fish in the water, and time and time again it was a 6 inch stocker Rainbow!! To say the East Branch of the AuGres River is a shadow of it's former self is an understatement, but every year it gets stocked with fish and every year the Steelhead and brownies come out of Lake Huron to spawn and run up to the "Good Holes" that us locals think that we only know about! (not true btw). But being a local does have its advantages, one being I know there are Steelies that run in there in September despite what everyone else tries to tell me and I know where they are! The river has been dredged changed and in some cases just plain ruined in my opinion, they have slowed the water and in turn warmed it, but be damned they are always there , just in less numbers. So as I walk the banks of this changed but familiar water i see a familiar friend across the river from me, a younger and less jaded version of myself who is so intent on catching that lunker he seems not to notice me. He doesn't seem to care that the river has changed and that the fish numbers aren't as good as they used to be. He seems so content that he is here and he is fishing that nothing else matters. I can see the hay scratches on his forearms and the sun burnt neck that you only get standing on a hay wagon all summer long, and the hand me down spin rod in his hands has no name linked with greatness or a dollar amount but rather a belief that in his hands holds the rod that will catch the fish hes been thinking about all day. I miss my old friend and I think I need to look him up and see if he wants to go fishing again. But this time I think I will follow his lead and smile, and be grateful that I'm in the water and not on the "hay wagon".  SMELL THE ROSES!


The East Branch of the AuGres River.

Monday, September 10, 2012

In need of stream therapy!

As I make it through another work week and reflect back on the last week of stress and a job that I go to but certainly don't love, I realize how important my time on the water really is. I am now off for three days and am trying to pencil in a day or anytime i could  stand in my therapy chair and cast a line. I've explained to my wife and family that it isn't just about catching a fish or being away, it really is a cathartic experience and when my boots hit that water my stresses flow downstream and wash my mind clean from the day to day. I'm sure none of this falls on deaf ears and we all have our things that keep us from losing our grip on reality but like the river or stream this blog is another avenue to release to a group that "gets it". Thanks again for reading and maybe understanding that this fishing thing yet fun is a vital part of staying who we are and who we want to be and not that Demon that lives within and can only be contained by the cool flow of "Holy Water" through our legs.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Take a look at a company putting some sweet swag together for us all to enjoy. From bags to packs to T-shirts and hats Vedavoo is an American company with American made products. I have added a link on the side of the page where you can click and link to there website...do so and check em out!


Monday, September 3, 2012

Have a safe travel weekend!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy labor day. Hope your fishing was good and being the last summer weekend we can now start to look forward to steelies and salmon in the rivers!! Good luck to all and stay safe!!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Busy as I want to be!

It's been a busy time here at HOTF, but I love it! I finally got steps going towards a program I have been wanting to debut. I call it "First Time Fliers" and it's putting fly rods in the hands of kids along with casting instruction and some time behind the vise. I am so excited to get this rolling and share my passion with our future anglers and river stewards. I have also been busy on the tying front and getting orders out all over the U.S. I truly am having a ball and loving every minute of it. If you have any old fly rods, reels, fly lines and you don't need them let me know, I have got a few donated already but anything at all fly fishing related is appreciated. I have been in contact with some great people and the support has been outstanding. Thanks to all who have helped so far!!


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

An old classic.

I sat down at the vise and instead of tying the latest and greatest "Nuke Nymph Dyno Classic flashabou", I dove back to an old classic that I forgot that I ever tied. The Deer Hair Caddis is one of (in my opinion) most versatile dry flies around. Many a day has this fly scored high marks on the end of my leader, and to this day is my go to dry at the head of my box. What an easy tie and enjoyable one at that. The classics are classics for a reason, they have stood the test of time and the corner of many Trout mouths. If you have been wrapped up in trying the latest greatest, take a step back and tie on the DHC, and hold on to your rod, cause its gonna get dunked!!


Deer Hair Caddis, classic pattern and easy tie.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Congrats to James Dillard of Searcy AR, for correctly answering the question. BTW the answer is "Salmo Trutta". Yeah I looked it up too!! LOL


Wanna win a half dozen Micros?

Give me the scientific name for the Brown Trout and the half dozen are yours. First correct response on the blog, gets em'.
Please leave your name and address so i can send em'.....Good Luck!


Thank you all!

Just a quick note to thank all of my followers on my Blog, Facebook and Twitter. I enjoy reading all of your comments and seeing all of your pictures. It's funny how much we all share just because we like the same thing and share the same passion. I love the fact that we can share around the world and how respectful (in my experience) that we all have been. I hope to continue to grow readership and followers by doing exactly what I started out to do.... and that is to share my passion and my experiences with all of you and in turn become enlightened by all of your knowledge and experiences. So anywhooooo.... THANK YOU ALL!!!


Friday, August 24, 2012

Testing Day on the river.

My Son and I took a morning and afternoon today testing new patterns of flies I've been tying on the river. All the patterns we tested did very well, but the hands down winner was the fly below. This little fellow out fished all of the others without question and hit the biggest fish of the day at 16". I call it the "Micro" and it's an awesome catcher. As you can see it's an easy tie with herl being the only material...LOL, on a #18 nymph hook and a 5/32 bead head. Give it a try and let me know how it fishes.


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Accepting new orders.

Finally got caught up with my orders and ready to accept new ones. Let me know if you are interested and I'll get ya "hooked " up ASAP. Just let me know what patterns and sizes and any other customizations such as colors, hackles, eye positions etc.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Does size matter?...Uh Oh!!

Relax guy's this is a fly discussion.....lol.
Through my years of fly fishing and tying I seem to have a inner debate on the size of my flies. As you may have read I am an Isonychia fan and I tie them in size 10 and 12, but the other day while fishing I looked in my box and realized I have a ton of other flies in there that are very small, #22's and #26's that I seem to always overlook. Now granted on day's where the fish are a bit finicky I will dive in and tie on a french fry if I think it would work, but I always am in that size 10, 12 and sometimes even 8's. So today as I sit with my coffee and watch the rain fall and probably diminish any chance of a cast on my day off, I sit pondering why I tend to shy away from the smaller flies. You can say that I always have good luck on the larger size and in the past I have caught smaller fish on smaller sizes, but I know this thought process is void because I've seen tons of very nice fish caught on a teeny tiny lil fly! It's just changing my mindset and having the "confidence" in any fly I tie on like I do with my go to group of what I call my "Lineman flies". Change is something I find as I get older that I'm not a big fan of, but also know it is vital to my growing as a man and a fly fisherman. Maybe on this rain soaked day I will go sit at the vise and blow the dust off those size 18's and work my mind around the fact that I can change my mindset, I can grow as a fisherman....I'm good enough, I'm smart enough and doggone it ,people like me!!...


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A night at the vise.

I have been really slacking on the vise lately, so tonight I sat down and tried a new fly that I have only seen in my mind, but it may be in someones box. I posted a pic of it on Facebook and asked you all to name it and a Facebook follower aptly named it and quickly I might add.."Jerry Garcia". I love the name and it is certainly fitting as I found out, today would have been the guitarists 70th birthday.
Take a look and tell me what you think. It's simple and is made up of only dubbing, copper wire and ginger hackle, easy tie and I know in my waters I fish it's gonna bust some trout,( that's the plan at least).


"Jerry Garcia"

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Back to basic's.

Somewhere along the line my fishing has switched directions and I'm not sure it is a good thing. Today I awoke and got in the truck and drove to see a friend who lives out of state but was up north camping. Like I always do I loaded my fly gear up and headed North. But this day was different. After a nice visit with my friend I hit the road with all intentions of hitting the river on my way home, but something clicked. I drive this way a lot and always pass by these small creeks that I know hold Trout , but just little guys, and then it hit me. Little guys are what got me into Trout fishing to begin with and the very thing that makes me the fisherman that I "think " I am today. So "to hell with it" I said "I'm fishing here instead. What a morning! I worked my ASS off trying to get these "little guy's" to hit and when they did...HOLD ON....I felt like a kid again, I'm crawling through the weeds to get creek side, casting from my knees not to get silhouetted in the water and having a riot doing it. When did my approach to fishing become trophy based? Why do I not fish like this anymore? I had the time of my life and caught quite a few trout, mostly Bow's but did manage two Brookies. I will take this day with me forever and try not to lose site again what was always important to me, being there in the moment when the only thing on my mind is ....fishing and not the size of the fish.

Little Houghton Creek run.

Where the Brookie's hung out.
Today was a good day.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

A good read from a good guy!

I haven't yet had the chance to comment about the magazine I stumbled on quite a few months back. I was doing as I do quite often and that is search the web for more Fly Fishing material to read. I happened upon" The Cedar Sweeper". As I read more and thumbed around I decided to subscribe. I have to tell you that I love this magazine and enjoy the personal touch that Editor/Publisher Chuck Sams puts into every issue. To top it off for me It's in my beloved Michigan. The photography and writing is superb and every issue has been designed in my opinion for the novice fly fisher all the way to a seasoned vet. Take a look at it and you be the judge, but I'm sure you will see what I have seen in every issue that is is put together with the love and compassion that only a fisherman could do and it is a welcome edition to my reading and relaxing. Give it a look at the link below.



Sunday, July 22, 2012

Where is the balance?

Like most of you, I fancy myself as a fisherman but in my mind it's so much more. It's an obvious obsession with me and I know this by the way my wife See's the way my eye's twitch when It's been too long away from the stream or while at work (and this happened today) my mind wanders so far away from my obligations there that I started babbling incoherently to the females at my work about why it would be so much better to have a constant 65-70 degree day so the water temps would stay regulated... and I am met with "Huh..yeah that would be good". LOL.. But as I sit here at my desk tonight writing to you all, my mind is focused on the task at hand because as fisherman....you get it!! I ask myself every morning at the sound of the alarm at 4:45 am, "why can't I get paid to fish?" who of us haven't asked that question? But for now I suppose I'll just keep getting up and going to the "Not Fun" job that I have now until I get the call from the fishing big leagues that I'm getting called up for a starter spot on the river, and then 4:45 doesn't seem too damn bad!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Enough with the heat!!

WOW, whats with this heat wave? I am itching to head to the stream but am so afraid of the water temps, knowing that they are in the high 70's doesn't make me feel ethical about stressing a fish out to then watch it roll away as opposed to swim. So what is a fly junkie to do when the stream isn't an option and the days off are flying by without wetting a line? Well of course I think of ways to entertain my mind around the house, like sitting at my computer reading about fishing, going through my flies and making notes on which ones are running low, and of course trying to stay cool while rummaging through the cupboards eating when I'm not even hungry. At this pace by the time the water is cool enough my ass won't fit in my waders!! On the positive note they are calling for a high of 82 degs tomorrow and a low of 63 degs tonight.....could it be??....will the water??....cooler temps??.... I'm getting ready now!...God, let my waders still fit!!


Friday, July 13, 2012

One of those mornings.

A lake Huron sunrise.
I awoke and had the need to hit the water, but not the Trout stream which I would normally run to, but the big water. It's a feeling like no other to be in a canoe in a body of water so vast and so beautiful that as far as you can see is just more of the same. I felt alive and relaxed and ready for the day. A bonus was I brought along my #5 weight and did some dry casting and caught a 14" Large mouth, now that was just a bonus. I patrolled the flats with my eyes on the water looking for a wake or a roll of a carp but nothing surfaced except that little bass that hit after only two casts to his location. So there I am in the middle of this pristine water scape with nothing but a canoe a fly rod and the certainty that God gave me this day, and I thanked him. I love living in Michigan and love the fact that all of this is one mile from my front door, I see a second trip in my very near future.

Light packing is all that was needed.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ready to start again.

Well after A long month I am finally moved into my new house and actually hit the water yesterday. Water temp was OK early but as the morning went on it was creeping to close to the 70 degree mark and I chose to halt any further casts because as we know that is where we start losing fish to exhaustion. What a wonderful morning though and i did catch quite a few fish over 12". Now I am ready to start working again in the new High On The Fly headquarters (shown above).


Sunday, June 24, 2012

It's been awhile.

I've been so busy in real life I havent had a chance to post or even fish!! And thats the tragedy. I haven't wet a line in nearly two weeks!! So I hope all of you have had a great start to Summer and I will get back to buisness here in the next week or two.