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Saturday, March 17, 2012

I am really falling in love with streamer fishing. For so long I was a dry guy..Adams, elk hair caddis...and so on. Then I evolved into nymphing and of course fished the standards such as, hares ear, pheasant tails..you know the rest. I find myself after 20 yrs of flyfishing evolving like so many other fisherman I have talked to.. It used to be just to catch a fish on the fly and then it was to catch a ton of fish on the fly no matter how big or small, but now its quality not quanity. Back in the day i would take my ultra light spin rod and a #2 Panther Martin and absolutely slay the trout. It is no exageration when I say that I would go and catch 50-60 small bows in an evening. But now I'm approaching 40 yrs old..(insert joke here). Like most things in my life I have slowed to the pace that my mind tells me I can keep up with..lol, but the one thing that hasnt changed is the passion to chase big trout. So in my fishing evolution I have evolved into a streamer fisherman and the doors have opened to the homes of the biggest trout I have caught in my life. To see a big Brownie just head to my streamer is exciting , but to have it tug and run and do all in its gracefull yet raw and challenging power to take me to the wood is heart stopping and such a thrill it takes me back to the first days off pulling that "giant 6in bow" out of the creek near my childhood home and how amazing I thought I was to catch such a "monster". My reverance for the fish hasnt changed, but the need to catch a ton of them has. Don't get me wrong I still love to catch alot of fish in a single trip, but my "old man mind" is telling me that it's okay to slow down and just make the experience the real reward and to do all i've learned to catch the real trophy. So lets see your streamer favorites, big and gnarly flies that seem to scare a fish into biting...


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