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Monday, March 19, 2012

Today after work, I found myself in the backyard with my son showing him the finer points of fly casting. As an instructor I tell him every little thing he's doing good and bad and point out the correct way that he should be doing it....but as I step out of the Dad/Instructor role I see so many of the "proper" ways I'm teaching him isn't the way I do it at all! I've been fishing alot of years and have read and seen and been taught the "correct" way of casting and now I realize that I have taken all of those things and have just went my own way as im sure many/most of us have. I really took a good look at his technique and his way of doing things and just said "you're doing great buddy". I enjoy him asking me to show him a better roll cast... a cleaner lift and a proper mend, but hopefully he will morph into the fisherman that he is inside and his comfortability will then instruct me to just relax and to know that we all find our way...It's not the cast nor the rod or the fly on the end of the 5x,6x or 3x tippet, its the experience on the water and with family and friends...So im gonna take a page out of my sons book and i'm gonna chill........<((><


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