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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Well I made it out this morning, last day off til I go back to work for 7 days. As you can see the river wasn't aware of my schedule and decided to be super high and very fast!! So what is a guy to do but take some pictures and enjoy the view. So here I sit..... waiting for the river to receed and allow me to enter and enjoy what it has to offer. I did though recieve my new book I spoke of.."Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout" looks to be a good read, but all of Mr Linsenman's stuff is a good read.



  1. Bob Linsenman is one of the originals here in MI. The water should drop soon, especially with the warm weather, unless we get more rain. Keep posting.

    1. Yes he is! and a hell of a nice guy. We just got hammered with rain last night, so it will be a few days or better before water receeds.