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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Al Bole rigging up on the South Branch.
Beautiful South Branch run.

Awesome day on the water! Headed to the South Branch of the Ausable today, never fished it before and it is a beautiful fishery. Started out the day running nymphs and had a few nudges and seen a few risers but they were only a glimpse and they were gone. Water is still pretty cold and the Trout were not active in their normal feeding patterns. After a couple hours and some wonderful scenery, we packed up and moved on. We headed into Mio to hit the mainstream and again the fish were hit and miss but did hook a few and lose a few, but Al  managed to land a pretty little brown. Never hit a ton of fish and didn't land any monsters but what a great day on the river with a good friend. And who knows, maybe next time I'll even catch one......

Ausable Brown.
Way to go Al, you earned that one!

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