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Friday, April 13, 2012

Isonychia, My gift to Trout...

#10 Isonychia.

A killer fly and an easy tie.
I have to share this recipe and a few pics of my go to fly. I Have to say that I may not be a entomologist but I do know this fly flat out busts Trout. I tie this in a few different sizes and the hackle may change from grizzly to black to tan but in any color this is a Trout getter!

5/32 bead
# 8 or 10 nymph hook.
White chute material.
Copper wire (for the ribbing)
Maroon peacock herl.
White dental tape
Hackle of your choosing.

Start by beading your head and wrap the hook shaft in black thread, Attach the white chute material extending passed the bead and beyond the bend of the hook. Tie in the copper wire from the head and let it rest in the rear of the hook. wrap to the front with the peacock herl and then tie in your dental tape at the head so it runs down the spine of the fly. Now take the copper wire and rib the body and in turn it secures the herl and the dental tape and gives the Iso the must have ribbed look. Now double wrap the white chute at the head back with your thread and then tie in and wrap your hackle two to three times and whip finish and cement the threads for strength. I trim my hackle back so it's not to huge but that's a personal preference. Well hope these directions make sense and hope ya take the time to try this, it's a hell of a nymph.


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