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Thursday, April 5, 2012

I've been taking a look at some other bloggers and websites out there and see there is a lot of good content and articles from guys like you and I. I wanna make this an experience that we all can learn from and have input on what you read. So lets hear some ideas, a place you want to go and  know more about, the new rod, reel or lines and leaders that you want to know more about, let me have it and in turn I will do the leg work for you and for all of us. So on that note here is someone that I wanted to know more about. I watched a short video today on artist Derek Deyoung from canvasfish.com. I met and talked with him at the Fly Expo in Warren, MI back in March. What an amazing take he has on the fish that we love and what a nice guy to sit and talk with. Derek lives in Montana now and is involved with company's such as Simms and Abel Reels which have featured his artwork on there products and they are beautiful. Here is a small example of his work that I am proud to say adorns a wall at my home. So take a look at his site if your not familiar and if you are, look again.


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