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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

One of those day's

Clear and right at summer levels.

Nice bow couldn't resist the ISO.

One of the many on the dry today.

What a classic ambush spot.

Well what can I say about today that could possibly sum it up? Started with going to the mailbox and my new thefiberglassmanifesto.com t-shirt is here, Thank you Cameron. Got to the river a little later than normal but wanted the sun to warm the water a wee bit. Got dressed and ready and as I peered into the water.......RISERS!!! all over. So on with the Drys and off to the races. They were sipping all day and as the day progressed so did the size of the fish. After catching numerous fish and I honestly lost count, I switched over to the Iso nymph just for a change of pace and they were all about the bead head trout slayer as well... Beautiful day tons of rising and feeding fish...dare I say it....Spring has sprung! Took a lot of pictures today for the site and may just post em at my Facebook page so like me on facebook and see all the pics that are there.. Losing sleep now that my West Virginia trip is just over a month away..I really need to get on the vise! Today is just another reason why I am always...High On The Fly!


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