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Friday, April 13, 2012

Welcome Home Waters.

A lil Rainbow on the PTN.

Another Bow who had the taste for a #10 Iso.

What a difference a day makes, I hit the water yesterday after the day before rolling snake eyes for the fifth trip in a row. Started out the morning hitting on the first drift with a meaty lil Bow who was all to happy to engulf my Iso. Throughout the day which spanned 7 hrs on the water it was relaxing and the fish were taking Iso's and pheasant tail nymphs all day. Water was low and gin clear and the runs were filled with eager trout that wanted to taste what was in my box. Is there a better feeling then catching all of your fish on your own flies? Ended up with 7 landed including a small Steelie who was a lil camera shy, a Brown and the rest Bows..

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