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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Finally, It's here!

After too many months of anticipation and too many hours on the vise tying my trip to West Virginia starts at 4am tomorrow. I feel like a kid a Christmas and am so excited to meet the other guys that are going that I haven't yet talked with. Three days of fishing trophy Trout and making memories and new friends is exactly what a guy on a two week vacation from work needs to relax. I will be posting pics and stories while I'm gone so stay tuned for either great pics of trophy fish or "huge lies" about the one's that I missed, LOL.....talk to ya all soon!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gold Medal Nets.

Check out Gold Medal Nets. A Colorado based company handmaking some of the finest crafted nets on the market.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Gooood morning!!!

At work and obviously working hard, but can't get the river out of my mind. I am heading out again after work tonight and hoping to relax and unwind like only the water can allow. The coffee is keeping me awake just long enough for the cool of the river to bring my senses back to life and make me feel alive again! So to all of us who work to fish, I will be the guy on the river tonight with that smile from ear to ear simply because im swinging a rod and not at work!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Support Trout Unlimited.

As a proud member of Trout Unlimited I emplore you to join and support the cause.

Take a look!

Scott from Bennetts Rod Restoration contacted me and asked if I could help get his name out there a little more. So here it is, give him a look and see the beautiful craftsmanship of his work.

Bennett's Rod Restoration provides comprehensive and ground-up bamboo and fiberglass rod restoration, specializing in fly rods. Custom restoration can be arranged, feel free to send us an email at bennettrodrestoration@gmail.com and we will get back to you.

No job is too small, and all orders are treated with the care you would expect out of a small restoration shop. We want your rod to perform as you expect it to, and with our expertise and knowledge, it will happen! From collector-quality wall hanger bamboo rods to run of the mill production rods, we can put a rod in your hands that we are certain you will be pleased with.

3% of all profits are donated directly to Project Healing Waters, a nonprofit organization that promotes fly-fishing to our wounded veterans, so that they may have a peace of mind after serving our great nation. Please check out and donate here: http://www.projecthealingwaters.org

Monday, May 7, 2012

Mid week trip.

Getting ready for a mid -week trip on the Au sable, Got the canoe out and ready to go and Simms was kind enough to send me a Large batch of decals for my boat so I'm proudly displaying those. Seems the rain doesn't want to let up, but the levels are down and the temps have been steady. Been on the vise tying for my WV trip and the soon to come Hex hatch. Warm muggy nights on the river listening for the slurp of a Brown Trout who could be as long as my arm and hoping my cast in the dark is presented perfectly to the rising giant. Slurp, set and splash and away we go engaged in a battle of wills and patience with my faith in my knots my knowledge and pure luck that I can can keep it up and out of a log jam that is few yards to my left....... Mmmmmm, does it get better than that? So as we all venture out this year, let's all be safe and kind to the others on the water that may not be as witty or fortunate as us to have made the decision to be catch and release anglers and stewards of the rivers we fish. As fly fisherman, I believe we have enlightened ourselves in a craft that we hold dear and true and for myself, am always shocked when someone isn't as enlightened as I on what I believe is the correct way or even the humane way.


And away we go!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Can I stock my yard?

WOW!!! The rain came and didn't stop, My yard looks like an unstocked trout pond and the rivers are washed out as well. I saw on the news this morning that parts of I-75 in Flint were impassible and the pictures told the story. So here I am again, day off and no water wants me in it, so it looks like a nap is on the horizon and dreams of a trip that is 27 days away. Whats that? oh okay, sorry my couch is calling me....

Bad picture, but WTH, that's not suppose to be there!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Weekend weather.

It seems my next days off (Fri,sat) are going to spoiled by mother natures sick sense of humor! So what is a fly addict to do with two days off and a river that may be unfishable! I'm weighing my options of a nap some time behind the vise or just braving it like a big boy and fishing even though the waters may not be favorable. I'll probably go with the latter.....yeah I'm sure I will. So how has the spring been treating you all? My trips have been up and down but time on the stream is always better than time away. Hatches are coming off nicely on my home river (Rifle) and the Ausable action I hear hasn't been to bad either. I'm thinking of hitting the South Branch of the Ausable if weather permits..Last time I was up there I saw a few spots that I cant get out of my mind and think I should go chuck some streamers and see what happens. But until Fri, I'm stuck in the grind!!


Saw this on another site and thought it was perfect.