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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gold Medal Nets.

Check out Gold Medal Nets. A Colorado based company handmaking some of the finest crafted nets on the market.


  1. Getting close!!! I got the scouting report from Mark Hanes who just won the Harmans Invitational this year. Sent Alan the info on his trout legend forum inbox. If you guys need anything or if I can help in any way before the magic date my email is cmarberg18@hotmail.com

  2. Yeah, I saw that and have filled my box accordingly. As far as I know I'm all set just chomping at the bit to get there and meet everyone and hit the water. I believe we should be there on the 1st around 2pm!! So look forward to meeting you and I'll see ya soon!!!!!


  3. Weather is looking good so far. Slight chances of rain each day but as of rite now the flows are at 144cfs and at 4.42' which is amazing. When we fished it the past 2 years it was well over 1500cfs and close to the 6' mark and we still caught fish. Spoke to the owner and during the tournament the flows were around 2000cfs and they still got a good share of fish. According to weather.com were looking at anywhere in the 70-80 degree mark (74,70,81 respectively). As long as we don't see any prolonged downpours it should be an amazing trip!

    1. Yeah, ive been watching and canr stand waiting anymore!!! Im gonna just leave work today and wait by the entrance fir you guys!! Lmao really looking forward to friday!

  4. New weather update....their intentionally messing with me on weather.com!!! Friday rain and clear sat and Sunday. Surely it will change 15 more times before then!!!! Im calling Al tomorrow to set up travel arrangements. My one buddy from Ohio has backed out, with him doing that its going to increase the cost by $10 for everyone, so its not too bad. Other than that we are SET! Harman's wont be the same ever again after we get done ;-)

  5. Im definitely thinking im bringing my 3wt down to try a hog on it! Dang i cant wait! :)