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Monday, May 7, 2012

Mid week trip.

Getting ready for a mid -week trip on the Au sable, Got the canoe out and ready to go and Simms was kind enough to send me a Large batch of decals for my boat so I'm proudly displaying those. Seems the rain doesn't want to let up, but the levels are down and the temps have been steady. Been on the vise tying for my WV trip and the soon to come Hex hatch. Warm muggy nights on the river listening for the slurp of a Brown Trout who could be as long as my arm and hoping my cast in the dark is presented perfectly to the rising giant. Slurp, set and splash and away we go engaged in a battle of wills and patience with my faith in my knots my knowledge and pure luck that I can can keep it up and out of a log jam that is few yards to my left....... Mmmmmm, does it get better than that? So as we all venture out this year, let's all be safe and kind to the others on the water that may not be as witty or fortunate as us to have made the decision to be catch and release anglers and stewards of the rivers we fish. As fly fisherman, I believe we have enlightened ourselves in a craft that we hold dear and true and for myself, am always shocked when someone isn't as enlightened as I on what I believe is the correct way or even the humane way.


And away we go!

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