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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Back to basic's.

Somewhere along the line my fishing has switched directions and I'm not sure it is a good thing. Today I awoke and got in the truck and drove to see a friend who lives out of state but was up north camping. Like I always do I loaded my fly gear up and headed North. But this day was different. After a nice visit with my friend I hit the road with all intentions of hitting the river on my way home, but something clicked. I drive this way a lot and always pass by these small creeks that I know hold Trout , but just little guys, and then it hit me. Little guys are what got me into Trout fishing to begin with and the very thing that makes me the fisherman that I "think " I am today. So "to hell with it" I said "I'm fishing here instead. What a morning! I worked my ASS off trying to get these "little guy's" to hit and when they did...HOLD ON....I felt like a kid again, I'm crawling through the weeds to get creek side, casting from my knees not to get silhouetted in the water and having a riot doing it. When did my approach to fishing become trophy based? Why do I not fish like this anymore? I had the time of my life and caught quite a few trout, mostly Bow's but did manage two Brookies. I will take this day with me forever and try not to lose site again what was always important to me, being there in the moment when the only thing on my mind is ....fishing and not the size of the fish.

Little Houghton Creek run.

Where the Brookie's hung out.
Today was a good day.



  1. I agree Jeff. This is where we all start and hopefully end. Nice trip I'd say.

  2. Yes it was a nice trip and a good feeling to be getting too the ge of being able to slow my pace and smell the roses..