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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Enough with the heat!!

WOW, whats with this heat wave? I am itching to head to the stream but am so afraid of the water temps, knowing that they are in the high 70's doesn't make me feel ethical about stressing a fish out to then watch it roll away as opposed to swim. So what is a fly junkie to do when the stream isn't an option and the days off are flying by without wetting a line? Well of course I think of ways to entertain my mind around the house, like sitting at my computer reading about fishing, going through my flies and making notes on which ones are running low, and of course trying to stay cool while rummaging through the cupboards eating when I'm not even hungry. At this pace by the time the water is cool enough my ass won't fit in my waders!! On the positive note they are calling for a high of 82 degs tomorrow and a low of 63 degs tonight.....could it be??....will the water??....cooler temps??.... I'm getting ready now!...God, let my waders still fit!!


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