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Friday, July 13, 2012

One of those mornings.

A lake Huron sunrise.
I awoke and had the need to hit the water, but not the Trout stream which I would normally run to, but the big water. It's a feeling like no other to be in a canoe in a body of water so vast and so beautiful that as far as you can see is just more of the same. I felt alive and relaxed and ready for the day. A bonus was I brought along my #5 weight and did some dry casting and caught a 14" Large mouth, now that was just a bonus. I patrolled the flats with my eyes on the water looking for a wake or a roll of a carp but nothing surfaced except that little bass that hit after only two casts to his location. So there I am in the middle of this pristine water scape with nothing but a canoe a fly rod and the certainty that God gave me this day, and I thanked him. I love living in Michigan and love the fact that all of this is one mile from my front door, I see a second trip in my very near future.

Light packing is all that was needed.

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