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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Where is the balance?

Like most of you, I fancy myself as a fisherman but in my mind it's so much more. It's an obvious obsession with me and I know this by the way my wife See's the way my eye's twitch when It's been too long away from the stream or while at work (and this happened today) my mind wanders so far away from my obligations there that I started babbling incoherently to the females at my work about why it would be so much better to have a constant 65-70 degree day so the water temps would stay regulated... and I am met with "Huh..yeah that would be good". LOL.. But as I sit here at my desk tonight writing to you all, my mind is focused on the task at hand because as fisherman....you get it!! I ask myself every morning at the sound of the alarm at 4:45 am, "why can't I get paid to fish?" who of us haven't asked that question? But for now I suppose I'll just keep getting up and going to the "Not Fun" job that I have now until I get the call from the fishing big leagues that I'm getting called up for a starter spot on the river, and then 4:45 doesn't seem too damn bad!


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