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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

An old classic.

I sat down at the vise and instead of tying the latest and greatest "Nuke Nymph Dyno Classic flashabou", I dove back to an old classic that I forgot that I ever tied. The Deer Hair Caddis is one of (in my opinion) most versatile dry flies around. Many a day has this fly scored high marks on the end of my leader, and to this day is my go to dry at the head of my box. What an easy tie and enjoyable one at that. The classics are classics for a reason, they have stood the test of time and the corner of many Trout mouths. If you have been wrapped up in trying the latest greatest, take a step back and tie on the DHC, and hold on to your rod, cause its gonna get dunked!!


Deer Hair Caddis, classic pattern and easy tie.

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