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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Is your fall flybox ready?

Well is it? Take a look and let me know what your missing or what you wanna start swinging. I have room for more orders right now and would enjoy the chance to put some HOTF flies in your box this fall. Contact me for pricing and any other questions you may have.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New logo complete.

Finaly got my Logo done and I'm lovin it. It's simple and basic but so am I! LOL. Hope you all enjoy.


High On The Fly tournament details.

Here is the official info in regards to the tournament, take a look and see if you can compete or atleast come up and hang out. This is our first tourney and if it goes well it will be a yearly and maybe twice a year thing.
AuSable River Mini
November 17th
Mio, MI

Registration Opening:
Monday October 1th @ 6pm

Registration Agreement:
Waiver and Registration Fee Day of competition.

Fips Rules Format &/or Exceptions:
1.5hr Sessions
Competitor controlled

Fish: Stocked Brown & Rainbow Trout
Map: Optional
Comp Water: Mio dam to the power lines
Practice Water: Above Mio dam and below power lines

Max # of Entrants: 14
Fees/Payouts: $20 Three Highest Fish totals
Lodging Options: Motels in Mi.

Any other Details: Deer seasons starts Nov. 15

Schedule of Events:
8:00am: Draw
9:00am-10:30am Session 1
11:00am-12:30pm Session 2
1:00pm-2:30pm Session 3
3:00pm-4:30pm Session 4

Maple River

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

High on the Fly to host tournament.

Well as I mentioned awhile back I was looking to get a Fly Fishing tournament off the ground and with the help of another fisherman we are on our way! The tourney will be held in Mio Michigan on the Au Sable River and has a proposed date of Nov 17th, (not set in stone yet). It is a fly only and a one day tournament and will be a blast! If you are interested contact me and as soon as I have the date set for sure I will release the rest of the details. Cash awards and some of yours truly flies are up for grabs and with the help of some other sponsors I would love to offer more to the fisherman. if you are interested in donating prizes or just being a part of it let me know and we can get you hooked up.


High On The Fly Tournament.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A day in the woods.

I spent the day with my son in the deer blind for the 2012 Michigan Youth Hunt. A beautiful day that diddnt yield any Deer but did make a ton of new memories. Its so funny to see how he has grown as a hunter through the years and how much he has learned. Great day and great memories that I will take with me forever.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Good morning rain!

Well when the alarm goes off at 3:30am to get the wife off to school/work and your expecting to hit the water bright and early, flashes of lightning aren't what you really want to see!! So now I contemplate should I go out in the lightning holding a 9 foot lightning rod over my head or do I stay in and get some tying done? Its sad isn't it that we actually have to decide between our physical well being or fishing? Well I'm not sure what I'm doing yet but I do have a Lil while to think about it and decide what my life is worth...............But damn I wanna be on the water.....A deal with God is what I need to strike. An assurance of my safety in return for what?..... I'm already nearly a saint! LMAO


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Early Steel or a pipe dream?

Well there hasn't been enough rain and the river isn't right for it, but damn it I have a day off and I'm gonna chase some early run steel tomorrow. I caught two juveniles the other day in the 13" to 16" range and I wasn't to surprised, but with the colder weather moving in it just feel like I need to go! Kings are being caught in relatively small numbers from the surf so I believe that's where I will spend my early morning and day is in and on the water fly rod in hand and a hot coffee waiting in the truck! I'll let you know how i did (or didn't) later on tomorrow!! Wish me luck gentleman, in my probably futile attempt to simply be on the water.


Friday, September 14, 2012

A familiar friend.

I took the opportunity to take the rod out to the place that got me hooked on trout. I spent many a day of my youth dredging through the river searching for the biggest and baddest fish in the water, and time and time again it was a 6 inch stocker Rainbow!! To say the East Branch of the AuGres River is a shadow of it's former self is an understatement, but every year it gets stocked with fish and every year the Steelhead and brownies come out of Lake Huron to spawn and run up to the "Good Holes" that us locals think that we only know about! (not true btw). But being a local does have its advantages, one being I know there are Steelies that run in there in September despite what everyone else tries to tell me and I know where they are! The river has been dredged changed and in some cases just plain ruined in my opinion, they have slowed the water and in turn warmed it, but be damned they are always there , just in less numbers. So as I walk the banks of this changed but familiar water i see a familiar friend across the river from me, a younger and less jaded version of myself who is so intent on catching that lunker he seems not to notice me. He doesn't seem to care that the river has changed and that the fish numbers aren't as good as they used to be. He seems so content that he is here and he is fishing that nothing else matters. I can see the hay scratches on his forearms and the sun burnt neck that you only get standing on a hay wagon all summer long, and the hand me down spin rod in his hands has no name linked with greatness or a dollar amount but rather a belief that in his hands holds the rod that will catch the fish hes been thinking about all day. I miss my old friend and I think I need to look him up and see if he wants to go fishing again. But this time I think I will follow his lead and smile, and be grateful that I'm in the water and not on the "hay wagon".  SMELL THE ROSES!


The East Branch of the AuGres River.

Monday, September 10, 2012

In need of stream therapy!

As I make it through another work week and reflect back on the last week of stress and a job that I go to but certainly don't love, I realize how important my time on the water really is. I am now off for three days and am trying to pencil in a day or anytime i could  stand in my therapy chair and cast a line. I've explained to my wife and family that it isn't just about catching a fish or being away, it really is a cathartic experience and when my boots hit that water my stresses flow downstream and wash my mind clean from the day to day. I'm sure none of this falls on deaf ears and we all have our things that keep us from losing our grip on reality but like the river or stream this blog is another avenue to release to a group that "gets it". Thanks again for reading and maybe understanding that this fishing thing yet fun is a vital part of staying who we are and who we want to be and not that Demon that lives within and can only be contained by the cool flow of "Holy Water" through our legs.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Take a look at a company putting some sweet swag together for us all to enjoy. From bags to packs to T-shirts and hats Vedavoo is an American company with American made products. I have added a link on the side of the page where you can click and link to there website...do so and check em out!


Monday, September 3, 2012

Have a safe travel weekend!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy labor day. Hope your fishing was good and being the last summer weekend we can now start to look forward to steelies and salmon in the rivers!! Good luck to all and stay safe!!