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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A day to reflect.

Well I am back from my day trip and had a great day. The fishing was fair to bad but I did hook up 2 small browns and a juvenile Steelie. The day was just another memory bank deposit that I will use to keep me sane on those days when I am not able to get away from the daily grind.
It has been a great season for me regardless of the catch or the lack there of. I have really taken this season to enjoy the experience instead of the outcome or amount of fish landed and i believe that makes us better people as well as better fisherman. I ran into some old friends on the river and met some new ones. I love watching the excitement of other people as I hook up to a fish, It's as they are catching it too and that thrills me because I am the same way.
I hope we all have a great season and that we all can realize that regardless of the amount or the size of fish we catch that it is all an experience that not everyone always understands or will ever get a chance to try it, so I believe it is our job to spread the addiction and and spread the word of our passion so everyone can have a day to reflect.


MMMM cold Ravioli, What a lunch.. lol

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