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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A little time on the water.

I finally took the time away from the vise and away from work and wait for it.......WENT FISHING!! What a beautiful day to be on the water, the fall colors on the leaves and the Trout are spectacular. I spent only a few hours but it was enough to recharge my batteries and allow me to take in another beautiful Michigan Fall day. I spent the afternoon fishing...not testing patterns or doing leg work for someone else, it was all for me and I selfishly embraced the entire time. Caught quite a few Trout and the Bows colors are are shades that only God could create with his glorious brush. I snapped a few pics and and strolled along because if there is one thing I know, when work and life get me down, all I need is a little time on the water.


A beautiful fall stretch of river.

One of those awesome fall Rainbows.

A nice Brown on a great afternoon.


  1. Hi, Jeff. Always great to get a lttle "me" time. Looks like it worth it. Pretty country, nice fish, great time of the year!

  2. Thanks Mel, and yes this area is nice, that is the Rifle River in Ogemaw County MI, wonderful fishery and gets a healthy steelhead run aswell.

  3. Fall in Michigan can't be beat. Great going and great photos. Thanks Jeff.