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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Another shot!

Well the forecast isn't looking great and the rivers are still in need of a little more flowage, but I am gonna take this day and go hunt for some Steelhead. Its been a long work week and this day is gonna hopefully put all of that behind me.

I am heading to the Rifle River in hopes of rolling some chrome on the end of my new 8 wt. We have had some precipitation in the last few days and the levels are slowly on the rise. The temps have been also a bit more mild and this should turn on the feeding.

It's been a Lil while since I have posted, it has been busy here at the HOTF HQ. I have taken on writing a column for a Competitive fly fishing magazine and with my tournament just around the corner, needless to say the hours have been filled. All of this and a "Real Job" takes most of my time, but as I have said before....I love it!.

So wish me luck as venture out in the rain and the elements and lets hope this is the day that the Steel are ready to fight.



  1. Hoping for happy hookups for you, Jeff. BTW, have received your HOTF stickers and will send you back a picture soon!