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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Egg Nymphs.

With the hint of Steelhead in the air and the amount of rain we are getting today, the rivers should get some much needed water volumes and in turn a push of Steelhead. I have been using these what I call egg nymphs for awhile now and they are deadly on fall and spring run Steel.They cannot be simpler to tie and truly are deadly. I run them on a #10 or #12 nymph hook with a 5/32 oz beadhead and simply wrap my thread in pseudo seal dubbing and "WALA" you have an egg nymph. Cheap and easy to tie and they get down in the column and pick up fish. Fill your Fall box with them or better yet, let me fill your Fall box with them!!!


Egg Nymphs. Give em' a try.


  1. Hi, Jeff. If you are going to run them deep for some Steelies, might as well have a box of egg nymphs that don't take long too tie. More fishing time that way. Of course, that is what you just said. Anyway, I like the easy part. Wonder if they will work on trout out my way.

  2. I have used them in MI and WV and they work well on trout and steelhead.