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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Winter ties.

With the recent cold weather snap, my mind has been drawn to winter nymphing. I look back on seasons past where nothing seemed to be a constant catcher but the more I have grown as a fisherman the more my mind allows me to take a closer look at what has worked. Small nymphs/midges are a winter staple as we all know, but the colors and pattern detail have become much more important to me than in years past. I used to be in the mindset that the fly is so small that the detail isnt as important...WRONG! The water I fish in the winter is usually more slack or slick water that the Trout have a longer and less obstructed view of the fly for a longer period of time. As I have figured this out I have noticed that there is a little more regularity in the flies that work most of the time and the ones that are hit and miss. Now I am not saying that there arent exceptions to this rule, I have caught fish on flies that a catfish wouldnt eat, but in the winter months when the Trout arent exactly seeking food like in the warmer months I've learned to pay attention to details. On a February afternoon two years ago, I set out on a mission to take my time and fish low and slow and be selective of my patterns and try nothing big or flashy rather small and detailed. That day changed my outlook on winter fishing. I landed three Browns over 16" and had numerous strikes that I messed up. I enjoy the vacancy of the rivers in winter and the beautiful scenery that comes along with it. There is nothing like being the only human tracks in the snow and fighting a fly hooked fish in that pristine landscape.


Nice winter Brown

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