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Monday, November 5, 2012

Whats goin on!

Well after a busy month and the welcome addition of Bronchitis into my life, I am on the mend! So much to do before the tournament and handling the nervousness that it all goes well and everyone enjoys themselves has got me a bit on edge. It's funny how in the beginning of an idea the outlook is so promising but as it grows closer I'm thinking everything that could go wrong will! In the meantime I am simply praying for a good turnout and a good time for all involved.
My time on the water has been very limited as of late and that really is hard to deal with. Between work and home commitments time is scarce and to a stream addict anytime away is never good time. I am gonna try to get out the next day or so but we shall see!
On the tying front I have been engulfing myself into #20 BH midges for winter. I love the fact that they are so versatile that you can create them out of any imaginative and they are always winners. I have tied some pretty marginal looking Lil midges and slammed fish on them. Now I don't set out to be marginal but luck over skill wins with me any day! I ahve found that in the waters I fish, dark is key and the bead head is a must. I have though been able to not rip all of my hair out in the attempt to put a 1/16 oz bead head on a #20 hook, if anyone has a secret here please enlighten me. Brat sized fingers and Stevie Wonders eyes aren't meant for this....LMAO.
So that's it just a little glimpse into whats happening here at HOTF. I hope all of you are doing well and that you all take the time to hit the water every chance you get and to enjoy all that we are blessed with. To my East coast friends I pray that all is going better and things continue to become less of a struggle.



  1. Best wishes for a speedy recover Jeff...and keep those flies coming!