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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Starting new...

Well its the New year and it starts year two here at HOTF. I never realized how cathartic this all could be and many people that I haven't met actually become people I consider friends. It's an amazing thing to see a whole new world open up to you and to realize the fact that I am not alone in my passion, miles may separate us and styles change but in the end we are all searching for the same thing that to us only swinging a fly line can give us.

When I started this thing I wasn't actually sure what I was doing or why I was doing it, but now it seems so clear. Its an opportunity to share and to open up and release all that I have in my mind in regards to "The Passion". In so many ways fly fishing (to me) is so metaphorical. I can insert and or replace the lessons learned and efforts exerted into my daily life. Stopping to enjoy the scenery that we all enjoy is something we should do in everyday life. Do we all ever take the time to look at the beauty that is in our life on a daily basis? I for one do not! When we have a bad day of fishing, do we give up and never go again?... Nope , me neither. But can we say that in life?

Ill step off my soapbox now just to say, take the New Year, the fresh beginning and  take the lessons that we know in our fishing life and use them in with ourselves and our loved ones. I know I'm as guilty as anyone on not living in the now and am determined to remedy this. Too much time dedicated on the what ifs and why not's and far less time smelling the roses.

Thanks for being a part of all of this and I look forward to another year!



  1. Awesome post Jeff. The fly fishing community is great indeed. I too find it amazing how helpful people I have never met face to face can be.

    Tight lines

  2. Thank you Weston, and yes it is indeed a great community. But its made up of people like you so it has to be!!