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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dryft Waders...

If you follow the blog you know that I have had my eye on a new wader company for awhile now. Well  dryftfishing.com is up and ready for you to check them out. The first look at the waders and you know this is no ordinary company. The fresh look of the product is the first thing that catches your eye and  lets face it, they just look "SICK"....
We all spend a lot of time on the water and I'm sure like all of you, I have spent some serious money on waders through the years! But if the look of the Dryft waders isn't enough to sell you...this will. Quality waders at an economical price!! WHAT???? that's right kids... Bang for your buck. The waders sell for $199.00!! Yep cheaper than your last night out with the Lil Lady or the Ol'Man and a hell of a lot more fun.

So I'm gonna keep this brief so you can shoot over to dryftfishing.com and check em' out yourself. And while your there take a look at the other apparel, I have a couple of the drift boat T's and they are the most comfortable shirt I own ..seriously.


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  1. Thanks Jeff. When the time comes to purchase a new pair I'll keep them in mind. Price sure is right.