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Thursday, April 25, 2013

CONTEST ALERT....H&H Outfitters Giveaway.

Want to win free stuff and support the dreams of fellow fly fisherman just like us? Then join in on the fun and take a look at diyflykit.com . I love the heart and the story of these guys, so when they contacted me about partnering with them to do a giveaway it was a no brainer. H&H Outfitters are a couple of guys who are sharing there passion and love of the sport with some pretty sick shirts and hats and other apparel and with the message that this is a sport for the everyday fly guy/gal, the weekend warrior and the die hard, One look at some of the designs and you'll see what I mean...

To the right of this page you will see the H&H link, click on it and take a look... then go to facebook.com/highonthefly and like and share this post and put yourself in the running to win a hat, shirt, drink koozie and sticker package from the guys over at H&H...

Show some love and win some cool stuff.....GO!


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