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Friday, November 28, 2014

Following a Legend

Of all my Black Friday memories, none of them ever involved standing asshole to elbow with a bunch of strangers searching for a deal on stuff they don't need! So I took the road less traveled and set out on an "Adventcha" with my best friend in the world.. (aka my girlfriend). We decided to follow the AuSable River from Grayling, MI to Mio, MI....

This legendary river has a storied past and has made hero's and fools out of the best of fisherman. We started our journey up M-72 at Burton's Landing. The absolute breathtaking scenery and solitude on this section are enough to fill the mind with thoughts of summer days and throwing drys to eager Trout or tossing streamers looking for a Brown Trout the size of an otter.
We then slipped up to Stephan Bridge and visited Josh Greenburg at gateslodge.com . I cant begin to explain how comforting it is to walk into gateslodge.com and be greeted by a guy like Josh. Whether you're a novice or an experienced angler, Josh greets you with a smile and an eagerness to help or just simply talk fishing. gateslodge.com is a fully stocked fly shop as well as lodging right on the river, Literally!

 After pulling myself out of Gates AuSable lodge, we made our way to Canoe Harbor and the Mason tract.... I love the South Branch, and Canoe harbor holds a special place in my heart. A few years back on an evening fishing dries I landed a 23" Brown on a #14 Parachute Adams...Love the South Branch!

What a day, chasing this legendary river around and sharing stories with my bestie and talking to guys along the river, I'm not sure if there is a heaven but if there is I'm quite sure it has a flies only section and its named what else but "The Holy Water".

I am blessed to live in this wonderful state and all it has to offer outdoors and other. I'm equally blessed to love a woman (who loves me back BTW) who allows me to chase my dreams and run the roads and waters without question or care. As I sit behind these keys and this screen, know today is a good day... I got to follow a legend today and meet some great people and I get to share it all with you from my little soapbox in the fly fishing world. I love this more than you know,whether its behind the lens, behind a rod or behind the wheel, if I'm talking, thinking or dreaming about fishing its always a great day..and another reason why I'm High on the Fly.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Behind a lens...

 Photography.... who knew how addictive it can be. I finally bought myself a camera that i love and that's easy enough for me to use...(getting old ya know) Been out behind the lens of my Nikon P600 and loving it. Have a few ideas for the river with it but thought id post a few to show ya what I've been up to.