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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

70 degree pledge

Visit 70degreepledge.org for more info on what you can do. Taking this pledge and practicing C&R is a huge step forward in keeping Trout safe and allowing them to be caught another day.


Thursday, April 9, 2015

April, Baseball and Steelhead.

Two of my favorite things , baseball and steelhead, both fall in the same glorious month. With the snow gone the rivers start filling with Steelhead and that's where I kinda lose myself. I love steelhead fishing, wether it's with a fly or floating spawn in my home river, those metal heads shake me to the core. April also brings my other passion, Baseball and the Detroit Tigers! So to all you spring river rats and to all of you who love baseball in the "D" , have a great spring!!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Spin rods and a guilty fly fisherman...

Hello, I'm Jeff and I am a "Fishing Addict".

It isn't easy to utter those words.. In the past decade or more I've become almost exclusively a fly fisherman. With a Blog dedicated to fly fishing a vehicle and kayak that read like an add out of drakemag.com and a rod collection that is measured in weights, I have realized something.....I just love to fish.

So where does this guilt of picking up a 7 1/2 foot spin rod with 10 lb test line and tossing spoons for Pike or a plow jockey for Bass come from?

I grew up with a fully stocked pond filled with Large mouth bass and Bluegill and LOVED those days out there throwing lures and worms for the pure satisfaction of a tug on the end of my line. Granted. that as fisherman I believe some of us evolve and change and look for a different challenge on the water, but I actually have guilt that I'm not throwing a tight loop or using flies that I tied. Now lets not get confused that my addiction and my passion is behind a fly rod but that passion all started with a spin rod in my hand and a need to be outside chasing something bigger than me. The love of the outdoors is what started this for all of us and the fly culture is an amazing environment and some damn good reading in social media and our favorite magazines.

Maybe I'm alone in this guilt or maybe not, but i do know that this spring and summer some of my pictures may have a different look than the environments that I normally post and some of the rods may have a different set up, but know for sure its about the experience and the time spent with family and friends that matters and not the hardware in our hands.

I'm Jeff and I'm proud to be a fisherman.... Are you?