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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Don't call it a comeback....

 Hello, from the snowy Hell of April in Michigan... We just got hit with 8" of snow and expecting maybe another 8" tomorrow... As a fisherman this is not what I want to hear, before the snow we had rain that swelled the rivers to their banks and beyond in some cases. Now we are in that transition period where we are dreaming of Spring, yet oddly missing the winter fishing on the hard water, Im about to go all Jack Nicholson in "The Shining" on people because we just want it all to be over.... But I digress.....

So if you keep up with me on https://www.facebook.com/HighOnTheFly you already know that I am taking on a new adventure in my fishing life and that is to chase the toothiest of all freshwater predators...the Pike and Musky that roam our Michigan lakes and rivers ... I am so incredibly excited to start this. With a Upper Peninsula trip already booked for the opener in May, I have began the process of tying new flies..BIGGER flies and oh how fun it it has been.

The freedom that I feel tying these large flies is amazing.. After tying things like a #14 Adams or a BWO... these things are like wrapping thread around the dog... My old eyes haven't  needed my vice magnifier. I have really embraced this new style of tying and have found Some amazing pike fly tiers from across the pond that have really opened my eyes to new materials and the less is more theory of materials. One in particular is here 700teeth.wordpress.com.. Ulf Hagstrom is the operator of this blog and the corresponding YouTube channel.. Great stuff, check it out.

Well thats all for now... Please check back and see my progress and please by all means show me some of your pattern and favorite flies...

Jeff <((><


  1. Good luck in your new adventure, Jeff. This year i will concentrate more on my bass fishing and tying bigger bugs including some big poppers. I have a tournament legal bass fly rod coming and can't wait to cast it. ~jerry

  2. Awesome, Jerry! It's a whole different world after chasing trout and steelhead for so many years.... Thanks for reading and best of luck to you as well!

  3. Nice to see you blogging again, looking forward to a few posts on your new pursuits!

    Will have to go interact with your FB page too. I know I already "Like" it.

  4. Yes, it's been quite a year but I'm back and commited to stay... I love this and love to write... Thank you Michael..