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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Jerry Springer to host fly fishing forum.

If you're like me and you have subscribed to any number of the fishing forums that fill the void on Facebook then maybe the title of this post will make sense. I am shocked daily by the "armchair guides" out there who know everything about every subject and in the face of defeat on topics that are clearly over their heads.. revert to nothing more than playground tactics.."@#%$ YOU" and "Kiss my $@#" and the cleanest yet my favorite, "Ill kick your Ass"! Really? You wanna fight me? Now? or after we book a flight and go through TSA and meet each other at the airport? But by this time I'm gonna be hungry, so lets eat first but then... There is some "ASS KICKIN TAKIN PLACE!!"
Get over yourself...If we were face to face you probably wouldn't have said a thing about me not crimping the barb on my hook, but from 878 miles away, ITS ON!!

It's the wrong gear, the wrong river, the wrong line, the wrong may to mend and the list goes on. I have to tell you that I dont give a damn what your rod costs or who made it and I surely could care less about your politics. Are your methods legal? sure I'll chime in on that one all day, but to actually spend anymore than a moment debating "Jimmy Creekchub" on his methods of fishing or the value of his equipment, Ill take the high road.

I have a better idea, a subtle approach to these obviously stressful days...Chill Out!! You do you and I'll do me... Keep your tactics within the perimeters set by law and go have a ball.. Why are we all so competitive? I promise you, at your funeral nobody is gonna care if a barb was crimped, if you used fluorocarbon or mono, glass or graphite... We aren't promised tomorrow, friends. Just our last breath.

Let me end by saying, if you do end up at my funeral, smile, laugh talk about something funny I did or said.. But please whatever you do,don't tell my Mom you're a Baitchucker, "Cuz those assholes have no place on my river, and ill tell you another thi..................."



  1. Ha!

    One of the reasons I largely left forums, and truthfully don't care to comment in Facebook groups. Internet muscles are crazy. So much keyboard steroid rage. It's just fishing.

    1. Yes, just fishing.. But everyone has to have a platform to be "the man". Thanks for reading, Michael .

  2. Hey Jeff, great post. I also am a veteran of the forum wars. I still visit two but I've pretty much quit checking in and commenting because of pettiness. Hell, I'm just in it for the laughs!

  3. Howard, I can't hardly even laugh anymore... It's so bad.. Lol.. Thank you for your continued support.. Very much appreciated..