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Friday, August 12, 2016

The Marsh Mouse

Marsh Mouse by Jeff Marsh

Hey, this is Jeff from High on the fly. Oscoda MI is where I call home and I fish the waters all over this state. The Marsh Mouse was created while fishing with mice that didn’t seem to push the amount of water I wanted. So I created this mouse and it’s been a killer.
I’ve been fly fishing most of my life and love to create new patterns that I normally just save for myself. But this one I will share.
The Marsh Mouse is a simple articulated tie and concept. I use a partridge 2/0 on the front and a partridge 1/0 for the rear. I use 2mm foam and cut it in strips the width of the hook gap and then taper one end to tie in to the hook and cut the rest into a “comb” if you will. I Palmer the foam towards the rear of the hook and back wrap through the foam body to strengthen the connection to the hook shank and to help the foam spikes stand up. I then attach zonker strip and Palmer it through the foam to create the hair body. The only difference between front and rear is the zonker strip tail on the rear.
Color and size can obviously vary to your taste. This fly swims like a dream and holds great body contour while wet. Hope you enjoy.

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